Rhino poachers must pay to obtain poaching license so they can do it legally – Minister of tourism

Saying that she does not have a problem with people making a little bit of extra cash on the side, Minister of Tourism in South Africa Thokozile Xasa stated today that she is not against rhino poachers, but she is against people who poach without a license.

After her statement, many people started asking if there is such a thing as a ‘poaching license’.

“Yes, I think there is. We know there are no jobs in South Africa. And we are not trying to block people from making a living. We are just against illegal poaching. Get your papers right and we will not have a problem with you. You can then poach in peace.” She said.

After realising that the minister actually has no clue concerning what she is talking about, we checked with other experts in the department and found out that there is no such thing, as poaching is a crime.