DNA tests reveal that Grace Mugabe is Zodwa Wabantu’s biological mother

It is indeed a shocking development, DNA tests have revealed that Zodwa Wabantu is Grace Mugabe’s first born.

It appears that Zodwa has known for quite some time that Zimbabwe’s first lady is her mother, but as for other Zimbabwean nationals, they only found out last week when Zodwa was supposed to perform in Zimbabwe. That’s when Robert Mugabe ordered DNA tests to be done to prove once and for all whether or not Zodwa is Grace’s child. Sources close to the situation revealed that when the DNA tests revealed that Zodwa is indeed Grace’s child, Robert Mugabe felt betrayed and lied to.

“Not being the type to take bad news lightly, Robert Mugabe immediately banned Zodwa Wabantu from performing in Zimbabwe and a cover up was made as to why she was banned from performing.” said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

Giving her side of the story on the matter, Zodwa Wabantu revealed her painful past.

“Growing up being a secret child led me to the party animal life.” said Zodwa wabantu.

“Grace Mugabe abandoned me as a baby to marry Robert Mugabe,” she added.

“I lived in Benoni with different relatives every second month I’d go live with this and that for no one wanted to keep me as their own. When I found out who my real mom is she told me to keep it a secret or both our lives would be in danger.” Zodwa said.

Zodwa further said that she doesn’t want anything from the first lady or her husband but she only hopes that they know what sorrows they brought to her life.

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