Man armed only with a nail clipper hijacks police vehicle, it was discovered later with no wheels

There was chaos when a man in his late twenties hijacked a cop van and stole its wheels in Moyeni, Limpopo yesterday.

The suspect who is still at large was only carrying a nail clipper when he hijacked two fully armed male police officers and took their van while they were waiting for a robot to turn green in one of the townships’ busy streets.

Witnesses say they had never seen anything like this before. He told them to get out of the van and then he drove off with it.

The man allegedly pulled one of the cops out of the van and sat down on the seat.

“He shouted at the driver to get out. The driver became scared and jumped out of the van.

“The man then moved into the driver’s seat. The next thing we saw him driving away,” said one of the witnesses.

The van was later found 15km down the same road with its wheels taken off.

The SAPS requests those with information to please come forward so that this criminal can be arrested. People are warned to not approach the suspect as he is armed and dangerous.

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