A NEW way to “naturally grow” bigger 4-5s may soon be offered by a British company.

According to The Sun, StemProtect in Nottingham, England is boasting about using a technique currently used to boost women’s boobs and tighten their bums.

The technique involves taking fat from the tummy, and enriching it in a lab. The lab process increases the number of stem cells in the fat. Stem cells are extra powerful life-giving cells.

The enhanced fat is then reinjected, this time into the 4-5. The more fat that’s injected, the bigger the result.

It is hoped that the result will be natural-looking and long lasting.

It is also thought to be a healthier alternative to procedures that use silicone or artificial fillers.

Mark Hall, from StemProtect, a stem cell bank, is quoted in the report as saying: “We’re entering a new age of cosmetic surgery.

“People are now very aware that natural is better, but at the same time they want to improve their appearance wherever they can.

South African men will have to do a whole lot of saving. Besides the expense of travelling to England, they will have to fork out about £5 000 for the procedure – about R84 500.

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