Prophet Bushiri writes his own bible – Replaces the word “JESUS” with “MAJOR ONE”

It seems like Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is starting to believe that he is bigger than Jesus. Perhaps it is the name “Major One” which led him to believe that he is of more paramount than Jesus.

This comes after the Leader and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church set yet another breaking record as the first prophet to have his own bible, this comes after the multi-billionaire Prophet from Malawi but currently running his religious affairs in South Africa, announced that he has just finished writing his own Bible.

According Bushiri’s right hand man, prophet Justice Hara, Bushiri’ holy words will be unveiled under the label,ECG Modern Times Bible by Major One, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. His holy book will reflect at religion in modern times society, this book will also demonstrate how people can be saved from modern times temptation and sin. The book also mentions a few names of Bushiri’s desciples who successfully managed to repent against modern times sin that come with modern times temptations which are harder to resist than the ones in the old testament, Bushiri himself being the first on the list. And they are now living a righteous life at ECG under Bushiri’s leadership. Soon the ECG Modern Times Bible will be available for sale to the public who want to be saved and live a righteous life under the leadership of what the Bible describes as the new Jesus(Major one Bushiri), added Bushiri’s right hand man.

ECG Modern Times Bible by Major One, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri will be different from other bibles as it will be a 3 in 1 Bible that comprises of three testaments:
1. The old testament
2. The new testament and
3. The modern times testament.

This is historical as all the Bibles that have been sold over the years had two testaments. In this Bible Bushiri speaks of his spiritual and religious journey from Malawi to around the world preaching the gospel and performing miracles of all sorts which includes walking on air. The ECG Modern Times Bible by Major One, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri will quote some scriptures from the past two testaments (The old testament and the new testament) but for every scripture quoted, the words “Jesus” have been replaced with the words “Major One”, which is the name that congregants at Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church use to address Prophet Bushiri. Bushiri’s very own holy book also speaks of how his wife who is also a prophetess got impregnated by the holy spirit.
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ECG Modern Times Bible by Major One, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been written by Bushiri himself with the help of his wife Marry and a few of his chosen disciples. The Bible has already been translated into English, French, Setswana, Swahili, and Chichewa which is a major language in Malawi. In South Africa the launch of the Bible is expected to be on the same day as the unveiling of Bushiri’s new church which is a triple story building being built in Midrand. Everybody who will be present during the launch will be given a free
ECG Modern Times Bible by Major One, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

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