Mboro prophesies that ‘Malema and his EFF will burn in Hell for attacking white farmers’ after seeing a vision of HELL

Popular South African prophet Paseka Mboro of Incredible Happenings says he was taken to hell in a vision on Friday night and he saw Malema and his followers burning.

Speaking at his church on Saturday morning Mboro said : “As I was praying in my room on Friday night, I was taken down to hell in an open vision. I saw so many people I know, burning, politicians, mostly. They were wearing red T- shirts and singing political songs while they cried. These are songs they sang on earth and now they were singing them forever. It was painful,”

“They were burning and in so much pain but there was no one to help them because they did not change while they had a chance. I saw Malema and his EFF wearing red overalls, screaming in agony. They were paying for the lives of farmers they attacked on earth.”

Mboro says he does not often get visions like these, but when he does, they are true.

“I will try to speak to Malema and his followers and see if they will change because I feel very sorry for them” he said.

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