Venda Father Of 23 Kids Only Had Sex At Night Because He Thought Sperm Were Sleeping

“Ndi a zwi divha uri azwi pfali, fhedzi zwihumbuleni zwavhudi, ndi vhathu vhatuku navhone sa rine, vha tea u edela!” – said the father which is loosely translated “I know it sounds dumb, but think about it: they’re little humans just like us. They gotta sleep”.

Fhulufhedzani Mohadi is a father of 23 kids because according to him: “Sperm is sleeping at night”. He claims that, during his sexual life, he only had unprotected intercourse at night, because he was convinced that sperm sleeps at night.

Unfortunately, this is not true, and it was proven 23 times before the man finally realized it.

“I went to a public school, don’t blame. I couldn’t afford a better education, and now I have to afford food for 23 kids.” – said Fhulufhedzani.

Fhulufhedzani’s wife, Humbulani Mohadi, says she thought it was ridiculous at first, but Fhulufhedzani convinced her.

“I was never fully convinced that it was true, but I believed in my man.”, she said. After they had 10 kids, she started to feel suspicious, so she proposed Fhulufhedzani to have sex a little later, because it appeared that sperm was still awake at the time they had it.

“We started having sex at 3AM, but his sperm was still awake. I even tried having sex with him while he was sleeping (because maybe the sperms sleeps when he sleeps), but it didn’t work either and we had 20 kids already.”, she affirmed.

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