8 People Die In A Beer Fight

YONELA Bangani’s mum sometimes sold beer from her home to make extra money.

But not in her wildest nightmare could she have guessed it would cost eight lives.


The horrific tragedy happened in the early hours of Monday morning when a petrol bomb was thrown into the family’s shack, killing eight people.

Yonela (24) from Taiwan site C in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, said she lost her two-year-old child, her mum, her siblings and her uncle in the fire.

The sobbing woman told Daily Sun: “I managed to escape the fire and I thought my family was also out. There was just so much smoke that I couldn’t see. I didn’t know they were still inside.”

She said the petrol bomb was thrown a few hours after three customers got into a fight with her mum Nontlupheko (60) over change. “They said they had paid with R100 but they had only handed over R50. They said they would come back and deal with us but I never dreamt they’d kill my whole family.”

Yonela said everyone went to sleep after the argument but the next thing she knew, the shack was full of smoke. Neighbour Nolukholo Biyana (42) said she heard the fight and one of the patrons saying the family had picked a fight with the wrong person.

“The patrons said they would show them but I didn’t take it seriously until I saw the fire. The fire was out of control,” she said.

“It looked as if petrol was used because not many other shacks burned. Mine was safe and it’s not far from theirs.”

Yonela’s cousin, Ntombencinci Bangani (49), said she couldn’t believe it when she was told about the fire.

“It still feels like a dream. My aunt had just started getting her pension and was planning to move back to the Eastern Cape next month,” said Ntombencinci.

“She told us she wanted to enjoy her grant money there but now she will return in a coffin.”

Fire and Rescue spokesman Theo Layne said four shacks were destroyed and 22 people were left homeless.

“Eight people sustained fatal burns. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined,” he said.

Police Captain Frederick van Wyk said an arson case and an inquest docket were opened.

“Eight people aged between two and 60 were discovered dead after the fire was put out. Our crime scene experts are combing the scene for clues. No arrest has been made yet,” he said.

The victims were Nontlupheko, Dumile, Wanda, Sisipho, Abongile, Athi, Endinako and Lili Bangani.

Anyone with any information is asked to phone CrimeStop on 08600 10111.

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