abcnews July 12, 2018

R204434 / 204k bill, this is too much – Now you know the question to ask a girl before marrying her is “Have you ever been to Durban July?”.

It is true, four slay queens were sponsored to an unforgettable night were they drank expensive drinks at Durban July and later got involved in an o_rg.y party.

The lady who appears in the video apparently told her bae she was going to all night prayer and she was video taped at a club and at the hotel room where sponsors of the Durban trip and drinks got their reward.


In the video you can see that no c_ondo.ms were used, even on the bill there is no c.ondo_ms on the items bought, with such irresponsible behavior from the so called slay queens and blessers the queue for ARV’s is expected to get longer.


To see more pictures of the incident, SEE MORE PICTURES HERE

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