abcnews July 7, 2018

Meet ‘Emmanuel Ngwu’ The Nigerian Scammer Who Leaked Daisy Maseleme $3x Video – Here Is How And Why He Leaked It.

Limpopo Department of Health Human Resource Manager, ( Daisy Maseleme) has had a health scare and was admitted to hospital after her Nigerian boyfriend leaked their $3x video. Mrs Maseleme had a video chat with her Nigerian ben 10 while pleasuring herself during the video call.

In the video the ben 10 can also be seen playing with his 4-5 while Daisy is also playing with her punani at the other end of the video chat.


Both were enjoying and Daisy can be heard asking her ben 10 how he is going to eat her. But what Daisy didn’t know is that the young boy was recording the video call on the other side, the ben 10 then leaked the video posting it on Social media including Facebook.

According to controversial twitter user Adv Barry Roux the young man who leaked the video is a Nigerian con artist by the name of Emmanuel Ngwu, apparently he did so because he was trying to extort money out of Daisy by blackmailing her. He demanded that Daisy pays him $10 000 which is R136 000 or else he is going to leak the video to Daisy’s family and when Daisy couldn’t pay the R136 000 he demanded, he eventually leaked the video.

According to a source close to the situation, Daisy is a married woman with kids and her husband also works at the Limpopo Department Of Health.

Source: ABCnews

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