abcnews July 17, 2018

After we ran an exposay on a Chinese Restaurant in Sunnyside Pretoria, we started receiving feedback from more people wanting to expose restaurants they work at. Read: Unhealthy Chinese Restaurant in Sunnyside Pretoria Prepares Their Meat On The Toilet Floor Our recent source contacted us to shed some light on what management instructs them to […]

abcnews July 16, 2018

A Chinese Restaurant in Pretoria famously known as “machaineng” has come under fire after an ex employee made some shocking revelations about the restaurant and even provided pictures as proof. The restaurant which is situated under a city property building called Alan’s Place, opposite another city property building called Myer’s place in Esselen street a […]

abcnews July 16, 2018

South African government officials never run out ideas to waste taxpayers money. And their recent ‘project’ is no different from all the other projects they’ve used in the past to waste taxpayers money! According to reports there’s a statue situated in Kimberly which costed the state 10 Million Rands to build. The statue has shocked […]

abcnews July 16, 2018

KFC South Africa has made a staggering announcement. They are going to replace their soup with achar. Talks of replacing the soup began in 2017 but the franchise couldn’t find a better substitute to replace the soup, until now. The decision was made after a survey was held and it was discovered that South Africans […]

abcnews July 16, 2018

Video: Limpopo Grandmother s_e.x with a cucumber video goes viral – What is wrong with Limpopo elderly women. Controversial Nigerian Scammer Emmanuel Ngwu has leaked yet another s_e.x video of a Limpopo Grandmother pleasuring herself with a cucumber. The limpopo Elderly women filmed herself B_on.king a Cucumber and sent the video to Emmanuel Ngwu who […]

abcnews July 12, 2018

R204434 / 204k bill, this is too much – Now you know the question to ask a girl before marrying her is “Have you ever been to Durban July?”. It is true, four slay queens were sponsored to an unforgettable night were they drank expensive drinks at Durban July and later got involved in an […]

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