abcnews July 6, 2018

Uche(her surname withheld) was an Accountancy part time student at Federal University before her death recently. She was one of the happening girls in town, although she liked doing her things in her own little way. In fact, a lot of her course mates didn’t know much about her because she was quiet and she didn’t talk to anyone in her class. She was from Imo State, her father passed away while her mother is a petty trader in the village.

According to reports, Uche was from a poor back ground, she struggled to make ends meet and couldn’t send her siblings to school. Uche stayed with her friend in a duplex around Wuse 2, and she drove a Honda car, before she met a guy who changed her life completely, but the guy eventually used her for rituals. One of Uche’s friends revealed to us how she confessed to her before she died.

According to reports Uche met an American based guy named Roland at a restaurant in Abuja. Roland spoilt her with money and gifts, he even bought for her, an exotic car and promised to marry her. She was very happy that she had finally met the man of her dreams. Few weeks after Uche met Roland, she started spending almost every day with him.

Roland spent 6 weeks in Nigeria before going back to the United States, he even gave Uche an engagement ring that she used to flaunt before her friends. Uche kept most of the things she shared with Roland to herself until she fell ill and went to about 3 hospitals, where she was told there was nothing wrong with her. One of her friends who stayed with her, later took her to a white garment church in Kubwa, a suburb in Abuja. The Prophet at the church saw a vision about Uche’s predicament and advised Uche to confess what has happened to her or else she will die, initially she didn’t want to talk but after much persuasion from her friends, she did.

She said, Roland liked adventure, so he suggested they should do some nasty things. She said Roland had a dog he cherished, and he suggested she sleeps with the dog while he watched her, she said she didn’t want to do it, but later she had s3x with the dog, her friend further revealed that, Uche was angry after the s3x with dog show, but Roland begged her and gave her a car key(Infinity Jeep), assuring her nothing will happen to her.

Roland left the country the following day, and promised to start processing her papers to come to the United States once he gets back to U.S. Uche’s friend and the prophet called the guy but the number didn’t exist. They also asked her for the address of Roland’s house in Abuja but they didn’t get the address she described. The Prophet advised she should be taken back home while she begs God to save her, because she has been used for rituals. Uche died few days later.

Source: ABCnews

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