Bolobedu girls strip naked, publicly have sex in taverns and call it FAREJA

There is a club in Bolobedu whereby it’s female members travel from one tavern to another each Sunday and strip naked for their viewers. it is alleged that some of the female club members even go as far as having sex on stage with whoever buys them booze.

Other residents from Bolobedu have raised concerns saying that this so called club called FAREJA and it’s members is promoting Nudity publicly, gangsterism, and child porn because some of the members who have sex on stage are mere children. Another resident who is a Police Oficer in Bolobedu raised his concern by saying “this FAREJA club is now causing problems among communities allover Bolobedu due to their naked dancing because every Monday the police have to open a rape case, sometimes more than one case of rape is reported and the victims are sometimes minors, and it was recently reported that three thugs kidnapped a young girl and took turns raping her the whole night.”

Another concerned resident shared his views on facebook and had this to say “#‎FarejaMustFall‬
Disrespect to our balobedu tribe. Some rights can be limited in terms of our constitution.”

One user took to facebook and said a mouthful to express how he feels about the FAREJA club in Bolobedu. And his post reads:

“Concerned Residents of Bolobedu.


It has drawn our attention that the club called Faretja is promoting Nudity publicly, gangsterism, and child porn.

We as the concerned Residents can’t fold our arms when there is an Element that destroys the future of our kids. This shenanigan group of older people have sent their kids to various varsities and some are working, but they take our kids and use them as a tool to nurse their extreme hornyness. We see that as molesting our children. And we see the organizers of that nudity club as reckless parents whom might one day sex slave their kids.

This clique is disrespectful to Balobedu as a whole, we are world widely known for being one of the most respecting tribe and prominent promoters of Pan Afrikanism, in other words it means this barbaric Faretja it is distorting our culture.

The recent Incident which took place at Mokwasele Ga Velly who forms part as a founder of Faretja, where the pangas were flying up an down slashing human beings as if they are cutting wood. And also the one that occured at Morapalala this past weekend, where many attenders got injured due to Gangsters that pulled out pangas and started inciting wars.

The rapes that occur at that gathering, it can no longer be tolerated, the solution is to shut down the gathering and also be boycotted by all means.

How can a grown man enjoy seeing kids having sex in front of the people?

How can a well matured Business man/woman who knows the role he/she must play in the community allow to host Public Pornographic ?

We as the residents of Bolobedu we call up the members of the community to

●Boycott FARETJA where it is hosting.
● Sabotage and shut down the tarvern which it plans to host.
● Mosata Traditional Authority and other Community organization to chase out this pornographic gathering.
● We plea to those who feel like they are seeing a business opportunity of a Pornographic manner, to go look for porn shooters agents, Also those who feel like Bolobedu deserves those pornographic acts, to go and Open Strip clubs where by it will be visual to the relevant and tolerent.

We conclude by saying, this group has created barbaric culture which it need to be ousted by all forces of governing. Enough is Enough.

Petitioned by Residents of Bolobedu.”

source: News Daily