SA prophet Mboro says his visit to heaven claim was an April Fools day Joke

News daily recently published a story about the controversial pastor Mboro who claimed he went to heaven and he took pictures to prove it. Upon following up on the story, News Daily has learned that this was just an April Fools day prank gone wrong. The joke was planned by pastor Mboro and Mr Nkuna the spokes person of the church.

Mr Nkuna and Pastor released the news about the pastor’s visit to heaven before the 1st of April which is the actual day for April fool’s day and this was part of their plan. After letting the public know that the pastor made a visit to heaven and took pictures of himself in heaven with his Galaxy s5, they said that people must check the church’s facebook page for pictures of Pastor Mboro in heaven. The plan was to post a photoshopped picture of pastor Mboro on facebook and caption it April fools day!

The picture that Mboro was planning to upload on his facebook page

The above image is the photo that Mboro and Nkuna were planning to upload, but after being attacked, mocked and criticized on social media Mboro and Nkuna decided it was best to stop the April fools day joke and not anger people any more than they already have.

But others thought the pastor’s claim was no joking matter.
IG: _zanie ‏@_Zanie Mar 30
Mboro could be on to something and we treating him like how they treated Noah with the flood

while others had this to say:

“What is the government doing about Pastor Mboro?” ‏@ThatGirlCebi wondered. Others accused the Mboro of duping his followers. “Can u please Investigate Pastor Mboro’s claim that he went to heaven and took selfies! He wants R5,000 for a pic!” one South African declared, directing a tweet at the authorities.

Others took to social media to mock the man of God:
Culprit ‏@CulpritEnter Apr 2
Can someone ewallet me R4800…..I’m short, I got R200 on me for a Pastor Mboro heaven pic

Olwethu Sipuka ‏@osipuka Mar 31
Mboro should take it easy on Nyaope.

Wave God™ ‏@LifeOfDaExit Mar 30
Lol yeah 😂 😂 “@AmBlujay: Mboro is selling selfies he took in heaven for R 5 000 l ain’t buying unless Brenda Fassie or Mj feature on them 😂”