Respected priest found peeping through a hole to see woman bath n**ked

DURING THE day, he is a man of God, preaching the virtues of a decent life.

But when night comes, the priest allegedly sneaks around to Abegail’s shack.


The preacher from a church in Bekkersdal, Westonaria, Gauteng is known as a convincing preacher who inspires people in the ways of the Lord. But

on Friday night at about 10pm, a group of women allegedly cornered him after they caught him peeping into the room of Abegail Kone (30).

Apparently the priest finds comfort from staring at the woman as she walks around her shack in the nude or when she is having a bath – and according to the tenants, he has been doing this for years.

Bekkersdal cops came rushing to save the pastor from the angry mob.

Angry Abegail told reporters she is not a free porn show.

“My body is private, he can’t just watch me strip n**ked for free! He must share the church money with me or go watch n**ked women on the internet like other ho**ny men because i am not for free” she said. “The priest said we are secret lovers but he doesn’t even know my name or cellphone number.”

She said the priest needs help.

“When you see him during the day he is always neat and respectable.”

When reporters spoke to the priest he laughed and said he was forced to say he loved Abegail because people were going to beat him up. He asked for forgiveness but the angry women wouldn’t let him go.

“You are a priest! Tell the truth!” said a woman named Letta.

“You’ve been coming to this yard for a long time. Abegail has only been here four months. That means you have been peeping at the other women too!”

The priest denied this. Later he told the journalists he was looking for a Zulu man staying in the shack.

But neighbour Nana Sedumedi (69) said she saw the priest sneaking into the yard.

“He was walking very carefully, like a thief,” she said.

Two residents, Ramotlatsi Lefakane (38) and Tumelo Molelekwa told reporters: “The priest must be exposed. He has been doing this for years. We ask anyone who can to arrange counselling for him.”

An anonymous young woman said she was confused. “To tell you the truth, this priest is so charming and softly spoken when he preaches that many women are attracted to him. Why does he have to sneak around looking through holes in people’s shacks?”

source: daily sun