Soweto woman arrested for assault after defending herself against a rapist

Soweto woman arrested for assault after defending herself against a rapist

On the 25th March 2016 around 3pm, Sonto Mokoena (30 yr old lesbian) was sitting in Phiri section, Soweto with her cousins and friends she grew up with celebrating Good Friday. They were having so much fun, and then decided to buy more drinks.

Mokoena then went with one of the guys to his home, so he could fetch his money for contribution towards the drinks with the intention of going to buy.

“I was surprised when he locked the door and I immediately asked why. He responded by saying ‘Just give me one round of sex, girls won’t satisfy you.’ I was so shocked because this is someone I trusted and he never gave me any sign he could do that” relates Mokoena.

A struggle then ensued between the two. Mokoena realised that she was being overpowered by the alleged perpetrator (who can’t be named until he appears in court.). She broke a bottle and stabbed the guy in the hand.

Later that day, she then reported the matter to the police and opened a case of attempted rape at Moroka police station.
“After being mocked and jokes made about me ‘being a woman who stabs men’ the police then accompanied me to his home to verify his address. We found his mom cleaning up the mess, and the police didn’t even say anything to her about tempering with the crime scene.”

The following day Mokoena received a call from her sister informing her that the police are looking for her and left a message that she must go to the police station.

When she arrived there she was locked up and had to wait in the police cells while the alleged perpetrator opened a case. She was then brought out and charged with assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

She appeared in court and is out on R500 bail.
“I opened my case first but the process is moving faster in the case against me” said a frustrated Mokoena.

In a similar incident that took place in KZN, a 17 year old lesbian from Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal is facing murder charges. The teenager stabbed the man who tried to rape her. Owing to two previous rapes, the girl carried a knife “for protection” in case she ever needed to defend herself.
The murder case against her is still pending.