If Malema becomes president i leave SA – Kenny Kunene

If Malema becomes president i leave SA – Kenny Kunene

Failed politician, businessman and founding member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Kenny Kunene was angry yesterday when he was quizzed by the media about what he was doing with suspended EFF chief financial officer Wiekus Kotze.

“I am the forefather of the EFF,” said Kunene. “When Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu were expelled by the ANC I remained friends with them.

“When there was a decision to form a party, Floyd called me and said this was the plan. I went to meet up with him.” Kunene said he was involved in drafting the manifesto, as well as a campaign strategy.

“That gives me the right to be part of anything that goes on at EFF,” said Kunene. “Since I left the EFF, I have never stated my real reasons. I have never spoken ill of Floyd or Julius.” He said arrogance had caught up with Malema and Shivambu.

Kunene had some strong words to say about the media, saying there was no investigation in the country.

“Julius would say to us ‘don’t worry about the media, I tell them what to do’,” said Kunene. He said Malema called a media briefing “gossiping” about him and his business partner Gayton McKenzie.

“None of you walked out of that meeting having raised critical issues with him,” said Kunene. “But I got calls from journalists pretending to be from Sars asking me stupid questions about whether I owe Sars.”

Malema regularly insults ANC members and President Jacob Zuma, he said. “I have got news for you – you are dealing with what you see as a problem,”said Kunene.

“If Julius Malema takes over this country, which is a possibility, you will not have any of these jobs.” “Under Zuma you can draw his private parts and you can insult him and yet you can still operate as a media house.

“Under Julius you cannot even say one negative statement. He will close the media house and arrest the journalist.” Kunene said if Malema became the president or deputy president he would pack up and go somewhere else.

“He has an obsession with money and the good life. “He has no regard for the future or stability of this country.”

Source: citizen