Chaos in Bolobedu as protesters set a cop’s house and plaza flea markets on fire in Kgapane: Pictures

News Daily recently published a story about an incident that happened in Bolobedu where a body of an 18 year old was found with her private parts and eyes cut off. After the body was discovered angry residents took the law into their own hands and burnt down the houses of those who were suspected of the murder of the 18 year old girl. click the link below to read the rest of the story.

Houses burnt in Kgapane Bolobedu when residents find girl’s body parts

Recently Police at Kgapane arrested the people who burnt down the houses in Kgapane after residents found a girl’s body parts. Yesterday angry residents allegedly marched to the police station demanding that the arrested people should be released and the murderers of the young girl should be arrested instead. When the people’s cries went unnoticed they marched to the house of the detective who made the arrest and burnt it down to ashes.



It did not end there, residents then marched to Modjadji plaza and torched the flea markets which are situated just outside the plaza. Yesterday the angry residents threatened that if their people are not released from kgapane police holding cells then they will burn Kgapane police station to the ground. It is believed that the strike had gathered the masses from as far as the notorious Ga-Rapistsi and Ga-Mapaana all gathering at Kgapane shopping center along with Kgapane residents. It is also alleged that there is currently no electricity at some parts of the protest’s affected areas because protesters burnt down the major Eskom electricity pole which supplies electricity to most households in Kgapane.


A few residents from Bolobedu took to facebook to express their views concerning the protest, here is what some of them had to say:

Makaveli Meech Maake wrote “I dont understand why people are burning those shacks outside kgapane plaza doesn’t make any sense to me …where is the solution in that?? are those people selling there involved?..sun engineers( unemployed lazy chicks and guys ) bamo gae update us …Be useful nyana”

Velaphi Vincent wrote “kasi Kgapane is raging with fire..Police are rubbing the Mob with rubber bullets…Bare witness for War is coming…‪#‎E‬ khona impimpi laaa…Opperation burn down police station…”

Sello Mogale wrote “ya neh vele dia boya Kgapane police station ae bofolle batho Bao ada wise lenna ke tla thusa o txhuba mollo Lol”

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