More protests in Bolobedu from Modubung,Mokwasele and Rampenyane: Students attempt to burn teacher

More protests in Bolobedu from Modubung,Mokwasele and Rampenyane: Students attempt to burn teacher

More chaos just keeps on erupting in Bolobedu as more violent protests commence in three various parts of Bolobedu. The first place being a village called Modubung which is not so far from Kgapane outside of Tzaneen. The protest took place at Maolwe High School which is situated at Modubung opposite GA-Madlesa liquor resturant. Students at the school allegedly locked a teacher in his office and attempted to burn him alive, it is alleged that the teachers at the school ate the school money which was meant for improvements at the school and the learners say they want news school equipment. News Daily can not confirm whether school equipment at that school is provided by the teachers or by the department of education. But the learners are convinced that the teachers ate the money which was meant for school equipment. News Daily will bring you more on this.

In the second incident which took place at Mokwasele whch is just minutes away from modubung, it is alleged that two old Gogos were raped and people were wrongfully accused of the rape and killed by angry residents. News Daily can not yet confirm how many people were wrongfully accused and killed by the protesters. But we can however tell you that no arrests have been made yet since Police at Kgapane police station are still dealing with their own crisis in which protesters are threatening to burn down the police station. We will bring you more on this as well.

In the third incident which took place at Rampenyane which is not too far from both Modubung and Mokwasele, it is alleged that the residents in that community along with their Nduna ya Kgoro (Community leader) beat up an individual in what they famously call SebataKgomo. News Daily has learned that this particular incident occured before the Kgapane strike because the individual who got beat up by the community was rescued by the police. And the police wanted to arrest the community leader(Nduna) and the community protested against the police by burning car tyres in a bid to protect their Nduna from being arrested.

News Daily can not get a hold of police in Kgapane to confirm all these incidents and provide us with more facts due to the fact that the police at Kgapane Police Station are currently facing a crisis.

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