Late maskandi HITMAKER Indidane was also a HITMAN who killed for money

Late maskandi HITMAKER Indidane was also a HITMAN who killed for money

INDIDANE WAS loved by thousands of fans, respected for his humility and his respect for other people.

But according to the book, Indidane Inkosi Kamaskandi, the star was hiding a dark secret.


The author of the book, former journalist Eric Ngobe, alleges that maskandi artist, Mtshengiseni Gcwensa, better known by his stage name of Indidane, told him all his secrets

before his death last year.

“He asked me to write the book and to reveal those secrets – but only after his death because he would get into trouble if the truth came out while he was still alive,” said Ngobe.

Ngobe claimed when Indidane first arrived in a Joburg hostel he needed money.

So he allegedly took a job as a hitman because he needed the money.

That was before he started performing maskandi music with his late friend Mgqumeni “Ibhova Likadikadika” Khumalo.

“Maskandi music rescued him from being a hitman as he became popular and sold many records. He also won many awards,” said Ngobe.

He said the book contains many secrets, including the matter that made his former best friend Mgqumeni his enemy, and the disease that finally claimed his life last year.

“I cannot reveal everything but the book will tell all.

“Indidane wanted the people to know everything after his death,” said Ngobe, who said Indidane asked him to write the book because he was a traditional writer at a newspaper.

Indidane’s family spokesman, Velo Bhengu, told the media that they knew that Indidane had chosen Ngobe to write about his secrets.

“The family knows every shocking secret that is written in the book,” he said.

The book will be officially launched next Sunday at a Maskandi festival in Indidane’s home town of eMsinga in KwaMajozi Village.

Entrance will be free.

Indidane died in July last year after suffering complications from TB. More than 50 000 people from different provinces attended his funeral.

He has won at least 18 awards as a Maskandi artist.

source: daily sun