Pick n Pay manager makes granny cry for chocolate her grandson broke in store

Pick n Pay is investigating a claim that a Mitchells Plain granny and her grandson were reduced to tears over a demand that the elderly woman pay for a slab of chocolate the boy broke.

A picture of the woman on the floor, cradling the boy, was being shared on Facebook on Sunday by people demanding that action be taken against the store’s security and manager for the way the situation was handled.

Another picture shows a slab of Dairy Milk broken in half with the wrapper still intact and Facebook users expressing their outrage over the way the two were treated at the store on Saturday.

Michelle Davids wrote on the Mitchells Plain Gangwatch Facebook page, “The child didn’t even open and eat from the chocolate” while Shantelle Engelbrecht wrote on the retailer’s Facebook page, “I was planning on doing the walk in Kimberley till I saw the story of pick n pay Mitchell’s plain traumatising a granny and grandchild till they were crying on the floor for breaking a chocolate… Not stealing … Wth so sorry m.. Sort your brand out first”.

Apologised for distress

Pick n Pay said in a statement that the incident was unacceptable and apologised for the distress it had caused.”We are trying to identify and contact the family concerned to apologise to them. We are urgently investigating the incident with our franchisee who runs this store, to understand the circumstances and take the necessary steps to ensure it never happens again.” The incident also sparked a conversation on what shops should do when children damage an item, and whether it was considered stealing to open an item and eat it in the shop before paying for it.

source:daily sun