Young boy refuses to sleep before he prays for his parents every night

Young boy refuses to sleep before he prays for his parents every night

He is still very young and he can hardly talk but when it comes to the lord he would rather speak in tongues like all great prophets who preach the wonderful word of God.

Meet little Somandla from Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa, he is a very strong believer and definitely very passionate about Christianity. Little Somandla prays for his parents every night before he falls asleep himself, he refuses to fall asleep before he puts his hands upon his parents heads and mumbles a few words, in fact it has become the family’s routine. Even Somandla’s father knows that each night he must make it home as early as possible so that his son can pray for him and his wife because Somandla refuses to pray if one of his parents is absent.

Somandla’s father Sizwe Dlamini told Daily Post that if he and his friends from work plan a guys night out, he first has to go home home so that his son who is not even five years old can pray for him and his wife, and after the prayer he will pretend as if he is heading to bed and soon as his son is asleep only then can he go and catch up with his colleagues.

Somandla’s mother Lindiwe Dlamini says she feels that her son is a miracle and a bleesing, she added that she looks forward to his prayer each night and she believes that the daily prayer from her son keeps the family together and keeps the family safe.

Both Sizwe and Lindiwe believe that their young son is a miracle worker and they believe that he is the next Bushiri if not TB Joshua.

source: daily post