6 months pregnant woman raped

6 months pregnant woman raped

THE six-month pregnant woman was walking to work when she saw a man walking behind her.

The 23-year-old woman thought the man was also on his way to work.

But she was wrong.

He caught up with her and raped her. Before he ran away, his cellphone fell from his pocket.

The woman from Bekkersdal, Gauteng who works as a locomotive operator at the Cooke 3 gold mine, told journalists it was on 18 April when the man confronted her and threatened to stab her.

“I never saw the knife but I gave him my last R15,” she said.

“He said that wasn’t enough and forced me into a hole next to the road. I pleaded with him but he forced me to go there. Then he undressed me and raped me.”

She said he ran away when a security van drove past and that is when the phone fell from his pocket.

“I was crying for help. The security guys searched around the veld but they couldn’t find him,” she said.

The woman describes the suspect as dark and thin. She said he was wearing safety boots, cream trousers, a dark green T-shirt and a light blue cap.

The woman said she wanted to see her rapist in jail.

“I want to know why it is so difficult for the police to catch him,” she said. “I was tested as the man didn’t wear a condom and thankfully I tested HIV-negative.”

Bekkersdal police spokeswoman Sergeant Linki Lefakane said: “We are investigating a rape case and the phone is in our possession.”

source: daily post