Mall of Africa open day: Nyaope boy tries to steal from Dj black coffee’s pocket and finds a hand

Mall of Africa open day: Nyaope boy tries to steal from Dj black coffee’s pocket and finds a hand

Mall of Africa is the biggest shopping centre in one phase in all of South Africa, located in Waterfall City, Midrand, Joburg.

The mall is 130 00m2 and has over 300 shops, it’s hard to believe that this mall is bigger than Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Durban and Canal walk in Cape Town.

During the opening of the mall, Dj Black Coffee was one of the few celebrities to come through and check out the mall. The mall was extremely packed so Black Coffee decided to try something new, he actually thought that since the mall was so packed he could try mixing himself with the crowd and go unnoticed since he was wearing a hoodie. Black Coffee was among the crowd enjoying a walk around the mall like any other person and not as a celeb. The place was so packed people had to squeeze against one another in order to pass though to various stores. As Black Coffee was squeezing and passing among the crowd at the mall, he felt a hand reaching deep into his pocket. Those who are Dj Black Coffee’s fans know that Black Coffee always keeps his left hand tucked in his left pocket for obvious reasons.

When speaking about the incident Black Coffee said as soon as he felt the hand getting deep into his pocket he then looked to his left and used his right hand to grab the culprit, but as soon as the pick pocketer realized that he got noticed he forced his hand out of Black Coffee’s pocket and disappeared into the crowd. “The place was so packed i couldn’t even shout out for security because i did not want to draw attention to myself, i am just glad that my rolex was still on my wrist at the time” said Black Coffee

Black Coffee said he believes the young man had no idea who he was attempting to rob. “I don’t think the guy even knew who i was, i think he was just randomly trying his luck and i happened to be his random target but unfortunately i always keep my hand tucked in my pocket so i was a bad target for him” said Black Coffee. This is not the first time the prominent Dj had been a victim of crime, he once lost his laptop in Pretoria while visiting a friend when thugs smashed his car window and stole the laptop along with his musical projects which he was working on within the laptop.

Pearl Thusi was also spotted at the mall among other celebs.