Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula uploads naked pic on twitter

MANY are wondering whether Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula’s Twitter account has been hacked once again.

This comes after a photo of a woman’s punani was posted on his account just after 11pm on Wednesday night and then deleted a few minutes later!

Mbalula didn’t make any statement about the incident and simply continued Tweeting as usual.

This is the opposite of the time when he claimed to have been hacked after a similar incident a few months ago.

During the earlier incident, thousands of followers were shocked when he posted an image of a half-naked woman with her legs spread.
The image posted on Wednesday night immediately went viral with many on Twitter questioning him about the tasteless picture.

Speaking to reporters, the minister’s spokesman Esethu Hasane said he was not aware of the incident.

“Usually when something like this happens, the minister tells me or I get calls from people, but this time I didn’t hear about anything.

“I can’t say if his account was hacked or not because I was not aware of the picture.”

The issue was soon being discussed by many on Twitter.

Here are some users’ reactions:

Leloe_M said: “How does his Twitter page repeatedly have disgusting nude images leaked? Seriously?”
Mzizana45 wrote: “If Mbalula really posted nudes, maybe it’s time he took a break from Twitter.”
Ongeziwe Mlonyeni said: “He is trying by all means to be relevant. Bruh, just drop another nude and you’ll get the attention.”
Advocate Barry Roux wrote: “How on earth do you think Mbalula can bring about transformation when all he thinks about is when to drop another nude on Twitter?”