SA man busted with 200g drugs in his stomach

A Tafelsig man who is currently being detained in a Brazilian prison was allegedly busted with 200 packets of cocaine at the airport.

It’s alleged that Moegamat Gasan Davids was caught with 200 grams of the drug inside his stomach and in his luggage on February 28, on his way back to South Africa from the South American nation.

Meanwhile his “confused” wife Fatima Davids, 23, has given birth to the couple’s first child.

Last month, Davids’s mother, Fagmiedah Meintjies,45, reached out to the Daily Voice after she tried for several weeks to contact her son.

His mom said: “My suspicions finally came true.

“I suspected from the start that he was in jail for drugs and now I know that it’s true.

“Someone from the Department of International Relations and Co-operation [Dirco] contacted me and they confirmed he was in Itai [a prison for foreigners in Brazil].

“They told me Gasan had 200g of cocaine on him. It was in 200 small packets, 100 was inside his stomach and the other 100 was found in his luggage.

“He was arrested at the airport on February 28 and he is now awaiting trial,” the mom added.

His mom said that she has still not made direct contact with her son but wrote him a letter which she hopes will reach him.

“I was also told we can send him money, an amount of [up to] R2000,” she said.

“I don’t know how long he’ll stay there because he hasn’t been sentenced yet and from what I’ve been told they could wait up to six months for the next court date.

“He hasn’t even seen his child yet.”

At the time of his arrest, Davids’s family thought he was being held for a stolen cellphone.

His wife said she has not heard from her husband or his family since she last spoke to him in February.

She gave birth to their son, Altaaf, on April 7.

The young mom said: “I had complications at birth and stayed in hospital for a week.

“But we are home now and fine. Right now I just have to focus on my son.

“I haven’t heard from anyone and I don’t know what to believe anymore. His mother has also never seen the child yet.”

DIRCO has confirmed Davids’s arrest but added that they were not allowed to provide any further information to the media.