NO VOTE, NO GRANT, ANC councillor threatens Gogos

A COUNCILLOR has been accused of trying to force gogos to register to vote!

However, some residents of Ku-Madukuda, in the hills of the Eastern Cape’s Qumbu district, have vowed not to vote in the municipal election on 3 August.

The village is at the end of a bumpy gravel road, the nearest school is about 10km away and residents don’t have electricity or running water.

Days before last month’s voter registration weekend, Councillor Majekula Soyekwa allegedly held a meeting and told elders their pensions would be frozen if they didn’t take part in the election.

Gogo Manjico Juca (65) said she took the threat seriously at first and was worried about how she would survive without her grant. But she said she decided to boycott registration because she had never benefited from democracy.

Residents said they were tired of empty promises of houses and electricity. They said taps for water were installed but not a drop had ever run from them. The only service delivery they had were pit toilets.

Villager Mamtolo Ndzilongwana (61) said she was confused after the meeting with the councillor but she asked around and realised it was an empty threat.

Soyekwa denied threatening elders that their grants would be stopped.

“I only said they would have difficulty getting services if they didn’t vote. I said nothing about their pension,” he said.

“RDPs were built in the village and there is only a small problem with the water supply.

“Residents are receiving paraffin every month while they wait for electricity.”