Tsekeleke is BROKE!

MUSICIAN and dancer Mackson “Tsekeleke” Tholo is broke!

But Tsekeleke from Mabopane, north of Tshwane, believes he shouldn’t be in this situation and is pointing

fingers at an advertising agency.

He said he signed a two-year contract with the King James II advertising agency two years ago to star in a TV

advert for Smoothies.

He can be seen dancing in the advert and even though he entertains viewers in it, he said he definitely wasn’t getting any joy as he couldn’t even afford a sandwich.

Tsekeleke said he only received two payments for the work – one in December and one in January.

He said his heart ached whenever he saw the ad on TV.

“People think I am a celebrity, but I’m broke. When I signed the contract I thought my life would change for

the better and I would be able to support my family – but it was a dream.

“I signed the contract in August, but had to fight with the agency just to receive the two payments.

“They promised me I would receive monthly payments for two years but I have only received payment for

two months and then it stopped.

“When I called the agency they promised to attend to my case but they later stopped taking my calls,” he said.

He now spends his days dancing and singing at Mabopane railway Station to entertain people who throw

coins on the ground. He then uses to buy little food.

“I want my money. I worked for it,” he said.

The advertising agency’s operations assistant Gugu Vilakazi said she has been in contact with Tsekeleke.

“We are still trying to establish who he signed the contract with.

We paid him for two months but couldn’t continue as we didn’t know the terms and conditions of his


Gugu said they would only be able to fix the problem in a few weeks’ time. “We’re still waiting for the person

responsible for his contract to return from leave.”