WARNING: A woman is stealing money from people with her whatsapp stokvel in jozi

A GROUP of furious people claim they were conned out of their hard-earned money by a WhatsApp stokvel.

The residents from various kasis around Joburg told jornalists they wanted their money back from the young woman who started the stokvel, claiming they would get interest.

Jabulani Vilakazi (26) said he joined the WhatsApp stokvel in February after being referred by a friend who had made money from it.

“I put R40 000 into this woman’s account, expecting to get interest on it by the end of the month, as she had promised.

“But I never saw a cent and she stopped taking my calls.”

Jabulani said he was planning to buy a bakkie with the money but he invested it with the stokvel because it was highly recommended to him.

“I was supposed to start seeing returns from March but nothing happened,” he said.

Josi Mqishi said she invested R7 500.

“I borrowed some of the money I put into the stokvel.

“I trusted this woman because many people I asked about her were happy with her services, but I was wrong,” she said.

Phindi Makhanya (40) said she deposited R4 000 into the woman’s account.

Other victims included Bongi Nkosi who lost R1 000, James Matheza who invested R8 000, Lucia Mokokedi who lost R10 000 and Refiloe Manaka, who lost R4 000.

Members of the group met outside Joburg Central Police Station on Saturday. They said when they phoned the woman she denied knowing them and said the account where the money was deposited didn’t belong to her.

They tried to open a case but the cops told them they would have to go to the Small Claims Court because they handed over their money willingly.

source: daily sun