Cape Town residents burn man alive and take selfies with him on fire

Cape Town residents burn man alive and take selfies with him on fire

AFTER a thug was caught robbing a resident on Friday, the community gathered to hand out street justice.

They assaulted him with whatever they could find before draping two tyres around his neck, pouring petrol over him and lighting a match.

As the man screamed in pain while the flames started eating him alive, residents posed next to him and took selfies!

The incident on Bhompasi Street in Island squatter camp, in Cape Town’s Philippi East kasi, left many traumatised.

A gogo from Lower Crossroads told journalists: “He did wrong but people should have called the police instead of letting children take videos and selfies with a burning body!”

The gogo said she was appalled to see youngsters laughing while the man screamed and burned to death.

The SunTeam witnessed many people taking videos close to the dying man during the incident.

The man was apparently a known thug who was caught trying to steal cash from a resident.

Thenjiwe Hlubi (42) said: “Some people threw heavy concrete slabs on his head but decided it wasn’t enough and placed two tyres over him.”

As some residents took out their cellphones to take videos and selfies, others covered their mouths and noses to avoid the stench of burning flesh and hair.

One woman shouted as she watched him burn: “Let the dog die! When this thug robbed you he even searched your private parts.”

Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed the incident.

“A murder case was opened but no one was arrested.”

Anyone with information about the incident is requested to contact CrimeStop on 08600 10111.

Source: daily sun