Suicide note from an albino child. Please read and share

Suicide note from an albino child. Please read and share

Dear Mom

Please don’t Cry.

I will Tell You Why
Why I had To Die
I am resting In Peace
Ma heart at Ease
I am hoping That wherever I go,Heaven or Hell,
The color of ma Skin won’t Matter
Whenever I look at ma Dark Skinned Sister I feel Anger.

Around Family I feel like a Stranger
You always Said It’s never too Late
Well It’s late now Isn’t it Mom?
It’s not like You can change The color of ma Skin.

You said You want Me to be Happy
I am now ?

Please don’t Cry
I am resting In peace
Ma heart at Ease
This world is brutal
They kill Albinos
They reject Albinos
They swear at Albinos
They mock at Albinos
They do so heartlessly
I love You Mom
i love your My Friends
But I have to make it clear
Am also a human being
Am also in the kindness of God
Am also deserve to live and be happy
But because you rejected me heartlessly
I had to say goodbye.

Edward has told them in the language of poetry [i quote ],” stop killing
albinos they are human being like use , they deserve all to be loved and
associate with the world around us ”
Edward has once again told me that this people are ruthless and in
heartless nation.

Edward has now given up tto whisper in their ears ,he shouted but none
conceded .

Ma Peers looking down on Me
Maybe Daddy will No more be a Stranger in his own House.

He never looks at Me Twice
You waking up with Bruced Eyes
Accusing You for bringing Shame in his Life.

Beating You because I am “not” his Child
See Mommy I also did It for You.

i love you mom and …
tell Edward i love him too