Emtee and Fifi copper robbed by their ‘Boss’

Emtee and Fifi copper robbed by their ‘Boss’

Reigning hip-hop king Mthembeni “Emtee” Ndevu and his fellow artist, rap queen Refilwe “Fifi Cooper” Moeketsi, are allegedly warring with their boss regarding their nearly R1-million Metro FM awards prize money.

The two were also revolting against Ambitiouz Records owner Kgosi Mahumapelo after he allegedly seized their Metro FM awards statuettes and kept them in his office.

It was also alleged that Emtee was pissed off with Mahumapelo for paying him and Fifi the same amount of bonuses in December, as he believed he raked in more money in gigs than her.

So high are the temperatures, that the award-winning duo might leave the stable if the matter is not swiftly resolved.

Emtee declined to comment on the money dispute allegations, but confirmed his boss had seized the prizes.

“I guess that his office is the only place they can be kept safely,” Emtee said.

Fifi could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press.

Mahumapelo, North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo’s younger brother, declined to comment.

Sources close to the artists, who did not want to be named, claimed Emtee was paid a total of R400000 for his Metro FM awards, and that Fifi was paid R300000 for her three.

One source alleged the war was sparked when Mahumapelo took half of the loot the musos had each won.

“He took R200000 from Emtee and R150000 from Fifi Cooper. They went bonkers,” said the tipster.

“Their beef is that, although he invested a lot of money in shooting videos and launching their albums, he should have at least took less than what he took.”

Another mole confirmed Emtee was not chuffed with Mahumapelo’s decision to take so much money from him.

“He is scared to confront him because he thinks he has a lot to lose if he confronts this guy and complains.”

The source also said Emtee’s feathers were ruffled when Mahumapelo paid him and Fifi Cooper R50000 each for their December bonuses.

“Emtee and Fifi Cooper were not supposed to be paid the same amount because the boy made a lot more money in gigs than Fifi,” said the source.

“The boy has gigs almost every day, unlike Fifi. In December alone, the boy said he might have raked in almost R1-million for the stable, and so for him to get R50000 was like an insult.”

According to another source: “He [Emtee] told me he has a child and parents to look after, and deserved more than R50000. The problem is that those artists are not paid per gig, but earn salaries in the region of R25000 per month.”

A senior employee at the record label called Emtee and Fifi Cooper “ungrateful spoilt brats”.

The employee said Mahumapelo had shelled out more than R1-million on music videos for them .

“He is a businessman, how else is he supposed to recover his monies?” said the employee.

The employee said Mahumapelo and the two artists agreed that he should take 50% of the Metro FM loot if they won because he had spent more than R500000 to campaign for them to win.