Amanda Cele the ‘Blessee’ moves on to Fikile Mbalula & spends the night with him #SAMA22

Amanda has never been the type to shy away from a challenge or shy away from public scrutiny. She appeared on check point a while back where she made it absolutely clear that she is not looking for love she is looking for money. Hence she is currently the number one Blessee in mzansi right now. Amanda has no qualifications and no job but she is living a very expensive lavish life in Sandton, driving a very expensive Mercedes Benz, all courtesy of her Blesser(s). All she has to do is to make sure she is always available when her blesser needs her.

Recently Amanda Cele was spotted at the #SAMA22 taking a picture with the one and only Minister Of Sports Mr Fikile Mbalula. Sources close to the situation say that Amanda showed up at the SAMAS with the minister. While others say they do not believe that the minister is a blesser. Zinzile Mdletshe who is a close friend of Amanda Cele said Amanda did not show up to the SAMAS with the minister. She came with her blesser but while Amanda and i were chilling sipping on cocktails, we saw Fikile Mbalula and then Amanda said: “ke Mbaweezy i can bet you R5000 that i can turn him in to my blesser for tonight” i said you are on girlfriend.

Then Amanda walked over to the minister, the seemed cozy from a distance. They talked for a while and then took a picture. After taking a picture they moved on to the private bar where they shared a few drinks. After a night of fun and bliss Amanda dissappeared with the minister.

However Fikile Mbalula took to social to make it clear that Amanda just asked for a picture with him and that’s all there is to it.