Man arrested for saying Zuma’s head won’t fit in new smart ID’s

Man arrested for saying Zuma’s head won’t fit in new smart ID’s

A 23 year old Mpumalanga man was arrested on Saturday for making fun of the South African president.

According to a local newspaper, Fanyana Mokwena from White River in Mpumalanga was arrested by the Masoyi SAPS at a small gathering that was held by a small group of people that are believed to be EFF members.

It is said that during the meeting, Mokwena started mentioning all the bad things about the current leadership of South Africa; the bribes, the corruption, the misuse of funds, etc.

Mokwena then got carried away by his and started mentioning names, even mentioning the name of the president of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma.

Witnesses say he said a lot of things about the president and his lifestyle. But a few people in the crowd got pissed when he mentioned that the government is busy wasting money on the new smart ID’s instead of building houses and schools for the poor. Mokwena went on to say that the President’s head will not even fit on the new smart cards.

That is when a fight broke out amongst the people in the meeting as some supported Mokwena’s statement and some stated that he is supposed to respect the president, whether he likes him on not.

The gathering turned violent and the police were called to the scene, and Mokwena was arrested. He is being kept at the Masoyi Police station while he awaits trial.