Chinese Dog Eating Festival Comes To South Africa this year

Chinese Dog Eating Festival Comes To South Africa this year

Every year the southern city of China, Yulin, celebrates the summer solstice with a festival that involves the slaughter and consumption of as many as 10,000 dogs.

A statement released by the premier of Gauteng on Tuesday morning stated that South Africa is now going allow this festival in Johannesburg , to boost the province’s economy. T

Many petitions have failed as protesters began to fight against this disgusting Chinese tradition.

They say fighting against the state and government when money is involved is nearly impossible.
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One animal shelter in Joburg has succeeded in purchasing more than 100 dogs for R15000. They say they are attempting to purchase as many as they can from this horrid “festival”, but need your donations to make it possible.

They are hoping communities across the country will get involved and help put an end to this madness.

Festival promoters argue that there is no difference in the Western culture slaughtering farm animals such as cows, but a group of activists have accused the festival organizers of unnecessary cruelty and torture.

There is no argument that animals all over the world are being tortured, but it is heartbreaking to see what these dogs have to go through.

This year’s “festival” in Johannesburg will be held on July 21, 2016 and is predicted to cause quite a stir with the community.