Rebecca Malope is struggling to get acting jobs

Despite having a mammoth passion for acting, Rebecca Malope has revealed that it’s difficult for her to tap into the industry, given her status as a seasoned gospel star.

Speaking to DRUM, the gospel stalwart opened up about her obstacles preventing her from fully breaking into the acting industry – one of them being the fact that she comes at a very high price.

“I love acting, but people don’t hire me because they say I am too expensive,” she revealed to the local publication.

And while she often gets approached for TV roles by producers, she admitted that directors struggle with separating her from her ‘gospel heavyweight’ label whenever she auditions for an acting role.

“It’s hard for directors to see me as anything other than ‘Rebecca the singer,’ so people actually burst out laughing when I am on set,” she explained.

Rebecca first appeared on screen as an actress on’s Ekasi Our Stories in 2015, when she took on the role of a promiscuous woman ‘Candy’, who would sleep with different men to make ends meet.