Prophet Bushiri paid me to make fake pictures of Mboro in heaven with photoshop: Student confesses

Prophet Bushiri paid me to make fake pictures of Mboro in heaven with photoshop: Student confesses

Not so long ago shortly after Mboro’s controversial heaven pictures leaked. He was interviewed on Thobela fm and he was asked about his heaven visit claims. And that’s when Mboro told Thobela fm listeners that, the pictures are fake and the Facebook account used to make the pictures go viral was also fake. During the interview Pastor Mboro did not say who made the fake pictures and the fake facebook account in his name, all he said was that it was the doings of a Malawian Prophet. After such a long time the truth has finally come out.

A young student who studies graphic design at Rosebank College, alleges that Major one prophet shepered Bushiri paid him to make fake pictures of Pastor Mboro in heaven with Photoshop.

According to the young man who gave his name only as Thato from Mabopane near Soshanguve in Pretoria, he met the man of God in his church in Pretoria show grounds when the man of God was praying for troubled church members, he then went to the podium as well so that Prophet Bushiri can pray for him. “Bushiri asked me what could be bothering me because i look young and healthy? I explained to him that i am a student sudying graphic design at Rosebank College situated at 239 Pretorius str, Southern Life Building, Pretoria CBD and i am struggling to pay me fees at the college and i am about to get kicked out”, said Thato.
“After praying for me, Prophet Bushiri asked me to come see him after the church service, i initially thought maybe he is going to offer me a bursary or a scholarship of some sort to help me pay my fees at Rosebank College” said Thato.

But to Thato’s surprise Bushiri actually didn’t even ask Thato what Graphic deaigners do, it’s like he already knew because he just asked him to make fake pictures of Pastor Mboro claiming to be in heaven and also create a fake facebook account by the name of Mboro to make the pictures go viral on social media. In return Bushiri paid for Thato’s college fees for the remainder of the semester. The plan was to defame Pastor Mboro so that his followers can lose faith in him and leave his church and come to Bushiri’s church instead. Needless to say the plan worked just fine.

When we asked Thato why did he finally decided to come out with the truth after so long, he said it is because of guilt and he believes that God is punishing him because ever since he made those fake pictures he has been failing his modules abundantly at school, and he has never failed before not even at High School.

“I believe that God is punishing me for defaming an innocent man of God pastor Mboro, i pray and hope that by coming out with the truth God will forgive me and i can start passing my modules again. Also i would like to apologise to Mboro, i hope he understands that i did what i did so that i can be able to pay my fees, i didn’t know that the fake heaven pictures and fake facebook account would do so much damage”, said Thato.

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