Jacob Zuma is not just a blesser we are inlove: says 19yr old KZN teen

Jacob Zuma is not just a blesser we are inlove: says 19yr old KZN teen

Considering the fact that he has many wives, it’s evident that President Zuma loves women and the entire nation knows it. But what the nation didn’t know is that Jacob Zuma might also love them young.

Yesterday a 19yr old Lindokuhle Dlamini posted an image that contained a series of selfies of herself fondling with the president. The image was captioned: “he is not just a blesser, we are deeply inlove and i am grateful for all that he has done for me, much love. Xo xo”.

A blesser, or sugar daddy, is an older man who gives a younger woman money or gifts in exchange for sex.

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The post quickly gained momentum as people began sharing and commenting on the post. Some angry ANC members quickly ran to the president’s defence saying that this is a fake account aimed at tarnishing Zuma’s image. Some suggested that the girl in the image is the President’s daughter. While others remained adamnt that the president just loves women and it’s an undeniable fact and this picture is more proof. Lindokuhle’s facebook account has since been deactivated or deleted. Many believe it was by the order of the presidency!

When contacted for comments on the matter, the presidency said:

“We will check the matter,” Presidency spokesperson Bongani Ngqulunga said on Wednesday.

CONFIRMED: The teenager President Zuma is reportedly ‘blessing’ is a family friend at Nkandla

Floyd Shivambu of the EFF also took to social media to share his views regarding the matter, he dismissed the explanation that the young woman might be related to the president by saying:
“Okay cool? What kind of Grand Fathers and Fathers kiss their Grand Daughters & Daughters like this? Perverts??”