Eff is the Devil’s political party: Prophet Bushiri’s revelations

According to ECG’s founder, Prophet Major one Bushiri’s revelation, EFF is the Devil’s political party and he used Julius Malema to form the party.

“I have had a scary revelation my children. First of all the Devil’s favourite colour is red because the Devil is out for blood of the innocent, and that is why the EFF’s theme color is red. There are no colours of peace and love within the EFF because the Devil wants none of that. The devil loves to cause confusion and that is why South Africans are politically confused ever since the formation of the EFF, the Devil loves to cause chaos and riots and that is why the EFF loves to solve problems with violence, the Devil loves it when people are full of anger and that is why the EFF was formed out of anger,” said Prophet Major one Bushiri speaking to the youth members of his church in Pretoria.

“The Devil will seek for weaknesses in God’s children and then use those weaknesses to his own advantage. The Devil sought for a weakness in Julius Malema and he found that weakness, it was bitterness, anger and his lust for power. Just like the Devil sought for a weakness in Jacob Zuma and it is women, the devil lured Jacob Zuma into his control with the promise of giving him as many women as he wants when he wants. Julius Malema was angry that he got expelled from the ANC where he was sitting in a powerful seat right next to the nation’s president and that’s when the Devil used him to form the EFF, he lured Malema into this trap with promises of riches and more power than he ever had when he was with the ANC. The worst drug known to men is power and fame and that’s why Malema easily gave in to the Devil. The Devil gave Julius Malema the power of influence and that is why he has been so easily able to influence the masses to join the EFF. Should you vote for the EFF then my children know that you are voting for the devil and you can look forward to more anger, more riots, more suffering and chaos and everything else that the Devil loves.” Prophet Bushiri added.

According to a member of Bushiri’s ECG youth who is also a member of the EFF, major one closed off the sermon by saying: “i pray to you my children that should the Devil ever discover any of your weaknesses, may the lord give you the power to refuse when the Devil tries to exploit you through your weakness. May the anointing fire of the lord burn the Devil’s hand the second the devil tries to touch you. The Devil will come to you in many forms and he won’t be empty handed,there will be temptations but i pray to God to give you the power to resist. Just like the Devil is trying to lure you into voting for him with his false promises of Economic Freedom, my child please resist. All the devil wants is more power and only you can put him in power, RESIST.”