Bolobedu Music Awards

Bolobedu has so much to celebrate. Nothing beats the feeling of being far from home yet so close. It doesn’t matter where you are or how far from home you might be because the minute you hear a Bolobedu song then the molobedu in you unleashes and every part of this world becomes HOME. Yes we have a lot of talent in Bolobedu and they always make us dance, whether we are in or outside Bolobedu we never forget our roots and it’s all thanks to our artists who speaks to us and for us musically. From Hip Hop to House music we stay winning. Now its time for us to HONOUR AND APPRECIATE our artists and we know just how…BOLOBEDU MUSIC AWARDS Event coming to you soon,BOLOBEDU get ready!!!! For more info on the event find us on instagram, twitter and Facebook .

Visit the page Bolobedu music awards project 01 and nominate your favourites.