Wife stabs husband after he refused her to go to Bushiri’s church. ECG

A Tembisa man is currently nursing his stab wounds after being stabbed by his wife.

People love their “Major one, Papa Bushiri”, In fact some people love him so much they are willing to Risk life and limb just to feel closer to “papa” as they call him.

Johannes Ndlovu from Thembisa in Ivory is currently nursing his wounds after he got stabbed by his wife of 15 years. The incident took place at their martial home in Thembisa at Ivory after Johannes tried to forbid his wife from going to Bushiri’s church in Pretoria West this Sunday morning.

“Honestly i don’t like this Bushiri guy and i feel like my wife loves him more than she loves me, and that is not even the reason why i tried to stop her from going to church this morning! No, i tried to stop her because i personally think that Bushiri is a fake prophet and he is brainwashing our loved ones. I am a very religious guy myself and the bible has warned us about fake prophets such as Bushiri and i was just trying to warn my wife as any loving husband would.” said Johannes speaking to us on his hospital bed at Thembisa Provincial hospital.

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