AKA is not supporting the baby we had when we were young: says high school sweetheart

AKA is not supporting the baby we had when we were young: says high school sweetheart

It looks like the cat is out of the bag. As of late Bonang and AKA have been having troubles. A little lovers quarrel every now and then, but it has been getting worse and no one knew why exactly.

According to a sources close to the situation, Bonang recently discovered that AKA has another baby mama which he never bothered to mention and it’s causing quite a bit of trouble in paradise, “i personally don’t blame Bonang for going bananas after finding out about the baby mama because there is already enough drama with the current baby mama and then out of the blue another one pops into the picture.” Said the source who only spoke to us provided we keep the name anonymous.

Apparently it all started with AKA’s high school sweetheart trying hard, way too hard to get AKA’s attention and then AKA denied ever knowing the woman and that’s when she started posting pictures of her and AKA on sicial media and that pissed off Bonang because AKA denied knowledge of the woman in the first place. Said the source who asked not to be named.

We recently got ahold of AKA’s high school sweetheart who agreed to talk to us on the condition of anonymity. When asked why she is trying to cause trouble between AKA and Bonang, she revealed that she is not trying to cause trouble, AKA is the father of her child and he has been ignoring the child since birth. “We were very young when we had the child and i don’t blame him for leaving me while pregnant, he probably got cold feet like any young boy would. But now our boy has grown and he keeps demanding to know who his father is. I tried to get ahold of AKA only because of the child and not to cause trouble,” said the mother.

We asked her how old their child is, and if AKA’s mother knows about the child because she knows about Zinhle’s child with AKA and she is very supportive of Zinhle and the child, but she got very emotional and said that’s all she is going to answer. We can direct all questions to AKA because he knows when the baby was conceived. We tried to get ahold of Bonang and AKA to get their side of the story but none of the replied to our emails and sms’s.