Stepfather brutally beats 3yr old with USB chord for wetting herself

A KZN taxi driver is accused of beating his 3-year-old stepdaughter and sending her to the hospital with internal bleeding and bruises for wetting herself, according to police records.

Sizwe Dlamini, 40, has was arrested Thursday after police received a call about a child with bruises on her back at the Durban Metropolitan Region.

A witness who is also the toddler’s mother, told police that on Wednesday evening, Sizwe brutally swung a USB cord several times at the child’s back and legs for wetting herself.

After beating the girl Sizwe then made the girl stand facing the wall. When she began to tire, he hit her multiple times, injuring her back and causing her ear to “cauliflower,” police records stated.

The 23yr old mother told police that she waited until Sizwe went to sleep to report the incident because she was afraid of him.

The child was taken to a Children’s Medical Center for evaluation and was found to be suffering from internal bleeding, as well as bruises to her feet, her back and the back of her head.

Sizwe has no prior felony convictions, according to the police report. He remains Police Custody, provided he has R50 000 for bail. His court date is not set yet.