The woman who slept with her son in law says she doesn’t want him prosecuted

There’s no doubt about it, when you are highly intoxicated things can get a little blurry. But this blurry? Hmmm.

A man and his mother-in-law were found in bed together in the early hours of the morning over the weekend, but the two were so inebriated they aren’t too sure just how it happened – at least that’s the story.

The son-in-law, 31, was then charged with sexual assault after the incident, and appeared in the Bloemfontein Regional Court on Monday. Charges were drawn after they reached an agreement that includes a warning to the man that he will be prosecuted if he ever committed a similar offence.

In the settlement, according to News24, the two stated,

The son-in-law, 31, states: “I am sorry. We were all under the influence of alcohol. I cannot remember what happened, but I am regretful and sorry. I beg my mother-in-law’s forgiveness.”

The mother-in-law, 50, states: “I can’t remember what happened. We are family and I am willing to forgive him. I don’t want him to be prosecuted. I just want him to be reprimanded.”

Speaking to the media, the mother-in-law spoke about the night and her drinking habits:

“I can’t be angry with him because I don’t know what he did,” she said. These things happen, but she has cut down on drinking anyway, she said.

She still has a “Savannatjie” or a small glass of wine now and then, “but I don’t drink myself senseless anymore”.

She said she has asked God to open up her memory of the night of February 5, but it hasn’t happened yet.She told Netwerk24 that on the night of the incident the family had a pleasant evening around the fire at her home in Uitsig.

Later, she went to bed in the spare room as her daughter and granddaughter were sleeping in her bedroom. She says her son-in-law knew it was her in that bed and not her daughter when he got in.

Just before daybreak his wife found him on his knees in bed with the sleeping mother-in-law and asked him what he was doing.

“I thought it was you!” he allegedly said and jumped out of bed.

And just when you thought that would make for a very awkward Christmas, the couple are reportedly now divorced. Shem.