DA voted against Mkhwebane getting the public protector post because she is black

Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane is ready to serve as South Africa’s next public protector, she said on Wednesday.

“I am so humbled that I got so much support in Parliament. I am ready to go and serve. I am going to make sure that I serve with pride,” she told News24 in a telephonic interview after the National Assembly voted in favour of her appointment.

She did not want to say much more, until she got President Jacob Zuma’s approval.

Mkhwebane’s candidacy was endorsed with an overwhelming 263 votes by the National Assembly on Wednesday. A total of 79 MPs voted against it, while 1 MP abstained.

It is now up to Zuma to approve the National Assembly’s decision.

Mkhwebane said the DA’s accusation that she was a spy working for the State Security Agency were “so unnecessary”.

“Especially considering that they had a chance to ask me during interviews,” she said.

She would deal with the allegations at an appropriate time.

The DA voted against Mkhwebane getting the post, saying she was not the best candidate because she is black.

“Worryingly, we have been advised that the time spent as an ‘immigration officer’ in China is also suspicious, having been informed that this is simply coded language for being on the payroll of SSA,” DA MP Glynnis Breytenbach said before the National Assembly voted.

The ANC criticised the DA for making “malicious and defamatory allegations” against Mkhwebane.

ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu said they were disturbed by the allegations.

“The claims are baseless and point to a dirty political campaign to taint the good name of a qualified and capable African woman even before she assumes her official responsibilities.

“It is shameful that the DA would stoop so low as to disparage a selected candidate merely because its politically preferred candidate was not chosen,” the party said following Wednesday’s sitting.