KZN High School kids gang up to beat up their teacher: Watch Video

KZN High School kids gang up to beat up their teacher: Watch Video

A footage has recently surfaced showing 3 High School boys aged 16, 15 and 17 ganging up to assault a teacher during class. Other learners can be heard in the background laughing and chanting during this altercation.

The video was posted by one student on her facebook page with the caption: “umuntu usebenza kabuhlungu yaz, awubuke izingane zibenzan othisha”. translated “people are working in painful conditions, just look at what the kids were doing to the teacher”.

It is not yet clear what was the cause of this altercation is, but according to other teachers at the school. It is alleged that the 3 boys appearing on video assaulting the teacher are a part of of small school gang at the school and they have a habit of showing up late for class. The students had also been threatening to beat up this teacher among other teachers for awhile.

“That’s so sad. That’s ridiculous that a teacher is being attacked by a student,” One parent said.

Another parent who did not wanted to be named said things are getting out of control at this school. She said the fight video is just the latest example to prove her point.

“This school is not safe anymore…not even for the teachers, not even for the students,” Said one student.