Angry Oscar Pistorius smashes prison TV after he sees SA’s new blade runner win a medal

According to inmates at Kgosi Mampuru, it was just a normal day in the Pretoria prison. Inmates were watching the Paralympics highlights when young Ntando Mahlangu who is only 14 years old appeared on screen winning South Africa a whooping Silver medal after taking second place in the race.

“Everyone was chanting and cheering for the young South African blade runner, even prison guards had joined in the celebration. Well everyone except for Oscar Pistorius. In the middle of the celebration Oscar grabbed a chair and threw it straight at the TV monitor, smashing the TV”, said one inmate who did not want to be named.
According to a Psychology Professor at the University of Stellenbosch, his analysis is that Pistorius felt he is being replaced by a 14 year old in a very public way. “We must understand that up until recently, Oscar was the only Paralympic blade runner that South Africa knew, despite being thrown in prison in his mind, the title of “blade runner” belonged to him in South Africa. He lost his freedom and now he is losing his title, so in a fit of rage he did what he did”. said the professor.

According to authorities at the prison, this is going to set him back as far as parole is concerned. And chances of being prosecuted for malicious damage of property are very high.