Woman Forces Maid To Drink Urine

Woman Forces Maid To Drink Urine

A Musina township woman, Ronewa Mutshutsudzi; made the house help drink the urine as punishment for urinating into the 1.5 litre old peanut butter tin at night against her instructions.

The police spokesperson Mr Ndileni Pfarelo told the press that Emma has been charged with crimen injuria which is the unlawful, intentional and serious impairing of someone’s dignity. .

Mr Pfarelo said the woman has on countless times instructed the house help to urinate outside in the night since their toilet is located outside.

Instead the victim chose to secretly urinate in a bottle every night and would dispose of the urine every morning.

“On that particular day she forgot to dispose of it and Ronewa found out. I think her need to teach the maid a lesson went too far” a disgruntled neighbor said.

According the police details the victim narrated her ordeal to a good neighbor she met while on an errand to the market.

A report was subsequently lodged at the township’s police station and Ronewa was arrested and charged.

“I was angry because I told her not to urinate inside the house countless times. I’m sorry, I realize what I did is bad” Ronewa confessed.

The maid, whose name we’re protecting due to her need for privacy was admitted to the hospital to check if there were any health concerns.

She has since been discharged and has left the employ of Ronewa. The accused was fined and could face a lawsuit if the victim decides to take legal action against her.