Watch Video: Black Coffee slaps AKA’s manager at iRockFestival

Watch Video: Black Coffee slaps AKA’s manager at iRockFestival

A rumble in Limpopo between the two stars.

We found out through a reliable source that Black Coffee slapped one of AKA’s team members. The man Black Coffee slapped is apparently AKA’s road manager – Tshiamo.

The incident happened whilst Black Coffee was preparing to get on stage for the 2016 DStv iRock Festival.

The source, who was attending the event and had backstage access, explained that Black Coffee slapped Tshiamo due to a performance schedule dispute.

“Black Coffee was preparing to perform his set. However, AKA’s team was also ready to perform. Black Coffee then explained to Tshiamo that it was his time to perform and asked them to get off the stage. Before we knew it, Black Coffee slaps Tshiamo, after the incident Tshiamo then goes to inform AKA and the others.” Said the source.

The source further on explained that after hearing about the fight, AKA wanted to get on stage and confront Black Coffee but was stopped by promoters and the security guards, AKA was then arguing with the promoters as he wanted to confront Black Coffee.

Some people are already tweeting about the incident.

AKA took to Twitter to speak about the situation and explain his side of the story.
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