Desperate Woman Dumped For Proposing Marriage To Her Man – Tswane

Desperate Woman Dumped For Proposing Marriage To Her Man – Tswane

AFTER ONLY a few minutes, she told him she was in love with him.

A month later, she got down on her knee and proposed marriage.


But the wannabe bride is still alone and the bewildered prospective bridegroom is in hiding!

Bobo Ntshong (38) of Lusaka in Mamelodi East, Tshwane told Daily Sun her boyfriend died in 2010 and she vowed she would never accept a marriage proposal or get into a serious relationship again. “My late boyfriend loved me so much. When he died I bought a house because I was sure I would never marry.

I never thought I could love that way again,” she said.

But then, one day in early August, all of that changed. Bobo laid eyes on a young taxi driver when she got into his taxi in Denneboom, heading for Mamelodi.

“He was alone. It was love at first sight, I could not stop blushing.

I immediately gathered my courage and told him how I felt,” she said. “He did not waste any time. We immediately kissed in the taxi and I didn’t get out at Denneboom.

I went with him around Mamelodi until he was finished for the day.” The taxi driver, who is ten years younger than her, didn’t resist and the two became lovers. A month later Bobo wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

She said the man was loving and very good in bed. She decided to buy a ring and arranged a dinner to surprise her boyfriend.
“I told him to come to dinner with his family and he brought his nieces and nephews,” she said.

“After dinner I went down on my knee and asked him to marry me and he said yes.” It was a wonderful evening except the ring didn’t fit. Bobo measured her boyfriend’s finger and went to change it. But then things went wrong.

“I called him to tell him the ring had arrived and I wanted to give him the money so he could pay lobola for me and he stopped taking my calls,” she said. “I eventually phoned his niece.”

The niece said the man accused Bobo of cheating. But Bobo said she is a one-man woman. “I understand he doesn’t make a lot of money as a taxi driver so I wanted to give him money to pay lobola. I will even register him on the bond for my house to show him I love him,” Bobo said

Daily Sun spoke to Bobo’s reluctant boyfriend. “The engagement is the thing that turned me off. No man will agree to be given money to pay lobola. I’m sorry but I won’t take her lobola money. “I wish her luck and hope she finds someone,” he said.